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My name is Dennis Kruijswijk, I’m a 23 year old Freelance Filmmaker / Photographer and Influencer. I live in Wateringen, which is close to The Hague, The Netherlands. It all started 2 years ago. I bought a DSLR-camera, because I wanted to make the content on my Instagram account a bit better. Ever since that day I work in my room to improve my photography/videography skills and I’m still learning myself new things every single day through tutorials and manuals.

Different businesses and influencers started to notice my content. I always listen to their wishes and I always try to exceed their expectations. I was so happy and grateful, because I always got positive feedback and I started to get more requests. I never exactly knew what I wanted to do for living, but I found out that this was something that I really loved to do. I finally found my passion! My passion is to create creative content. I always put my heart into my work and only finish something until I’m completely satisfied with it.

I’m trying to make content that appeals to all kind of people. I want to make videos and photos that will leave a big impression on people. Something they will never forget! My Instagram account (@dennis_shape) has arround 20k followers. I love the fact that different companies reach out to me and ask me to create something for their brand. That is the one thing I like to do most, create something they could have never imagined! You can see all my work in my portfolio and on my Instagram..
It’s appreciated by most companies that I’m not only a influencer, but also a filmmaker / photographer. I can make wedding videos, action videos, promo videos etc. Besides videos I also do photoshoots, because I have different professional equipment to make the most beautiful photos.
The variation in this work makes it so much fun, no day is the same!

I’d love to help with your project. Combining our knowledge, thoughts and ideas will make your project a guaranteed succes! Are you interested or got any questions? Feel free to send me a message.  Click here

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Wil je een promotiefilm waar iedereen in je doelgroep over praat?
Een die ervoor zorgt dat uw merk of product opvalt tussen de grote hoeveelheid online content waaraan we elke dag worden blootgesteld? Shapevisions maakt geweldige promotiefilms met effect op de kijkers. We ontwikkelen een leuke video zodat je ze op allerlei kanalen kunt plaatsen, op je website, op sociale media, op YouTube, tijdens een presentatie, in een e-mail of nieuwsbrief. Ervaar hoe we uw verwachtingen waarmaken en vraag ons naar de mogelijkheden.

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Wij zijn dol op het maken van geweldige video’s! Als Influencer en filmmaker denk ik dat we de juiste keuze voor je zijn. We maken promotiefilms, bruiloften, animaties, videoclips en meer. Neem een ​​kijkje op onze website en gerust contact met ons op.

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